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Perch Bay Resort


Boat Rentals Kenora

Green Adventures Await!
When you are a Perch Bay customer, the best fishing and scenery are waiting for you on the Winnipeg River!

Why Choose Us?
Many of our first time customers find us when looking for a boat rental on Lake of the Woods.   In fact, the Winnipeg River system is fed by Lake of the Woods less than a kilometer away upstream by the Norman Dam.   This fishery represents some of the best fishing on both Lake of the Woods and the Winnipeg River systems.  Within a five minute drive by boat, you can be fishing for everything from walleye to small mouth bass, northern pike and even sturgeon and muskie!  We've seen all of the popular sport fishing species caught within minutes of our docks.

What we offer....

- Perch Bay resort is the only resort that is within city of Kenora limits.  We are minutes from town, shopping, restaurants, culture and we offer a true northern adventure experience.  Best of all?... stay with us and enjoy a great view! All of our rooms overlook the water!

- We offer free parking and a boat launch

- We sell lures, bait and fishing gear as well as licenses.  Perch Bay is your "one stop shop" for green adventures outdoors.

Don't have a boat?

Rent a boat from us!  Check out our rates!  We are less expensive than other companies in the Kenora area, our boats are modern and well maintained, include all of the safety equipment you need including life jackets, paddles, bailing cans and other equipment!

Why Choose the Winnipeg River VS Lake of the Woods?
The Winnipeg River System is renowned as a great fishing and scenic waterway.  For decades, the river system has produced fish for our guests and boat rental clients.  We are an ideal choice for families with young children interested in a safe, "high success rate" for their kids first adventure fishing.  You can even try fishing for Perch right off our docks! (Kids love it!)

Winnipeg River...Your Safe Boating Haven
The Winnipeg River always has safe, calm water and doesn't experience large waves or have large open areas that can be dangerous during unexpected weather systems.  There are no "small craft warnings" on our river system because of the smaller nature of the river openings.  The river itself is well mapped and slow moving making it one of the best family boating areas in Northwestern Ontario!..  What's better, the river offers wildlife and scenery that are always only a short distance away!  On every nearby shore and island, you'll find places for shore lunches and exploration adventure!

Boat & Motor Rentals 
Boat & Motor Rentals 4 Hr. Rate Daily Weekly
20 h.p. motor & 16' boat $80 $120 $600
40 h.p. & 17 boat (reg. guests only)        - $160 $800

Life vests and paddles supplied Gas Extra
Special discounts for registered motel guests $10/day $50/week  

Check out our Accommodation Rates Here!

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Perch Bay Resort
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